'57 Ford Thunderbird</p><p>2019 RAFFLE</p><p>

'57 Ford Thunderbird


'78 Pontiac Trans Am</p><p>2018 RAFFLE</p><p>

'78 Pontiac Trans Am


'69 Pontiac Firebird</p><p>2017 RAFFLE</p><p>

'69 Pontiac Firebird


'72 Chevrolet Chevelle</p><p>2016 RAFFLE</p><p>

'72 Chevrolet Chevelle


Prospective Future Cars

’75 Corvette Stingray

The 1975 Corvette Stingray was purchased almost 40 years ago, and the donor once gave it to his son. The son was a veteran, who unfortunately suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In his memory and for all our veterans, we call this Corvette the “Vetteran.” There are a lot of work to be done on this car, but Father Keller and the crew are optimistic that this will be a very desired V8 in the future.

’78 Ford F100 Short-Bed

This is a donation from Bishop Wall’s family: a ’68 Ford F100 Short-Bed truck! She’s equipped with 4WD, 4-speed manual transmission and a 390 CI engine. Our plan is to restore the F100 to become a permanent V8s for Vocations crew truck! Maybe we’ll install a ‘cherry picker’ in the bed, a winch on the nose, and a nice trailer to haul project cars around.