Visitors from 2,000 Miles Up North

Often visitors, passersby and local Gallupians drop by the rectory garage after Fr. Keller’s muscle cars—both restored and beaten up ones—caught their attention.

This past January, though, unlikely visitors who keep tabs on the V8s for Vocations happen to drive by Gallup, NM. Cheryl and Brad Freeman are from Madoc, Ontario, about 2,000 miles away from Gallup. Brad himself is one of the Knights of Columbus members in Ontario, among whom the narrative of ‘car for vocations’ has been familiar after the V8s was featured in their monthly Columbia magazine. Cheryl, along with Brad, owns and runs Hidden Goldmine Bakery in Madoc, ON, famous for their made-from-scratch Canadian staples such as butter tarts. Cheryl and Brad had a brief yet satisfying visit with Fr. Keller as they take a closer look at the V8s, particularly the Trans Am.

Thank you, Cheryl and Brad, for visiting the Diocese of Gallup!