Frequently Asked Questions

Practical Aspects

Do I need to be present to win?

No – you need not be present on the Fiesta to win.

I purchased the tickets online, but where is the ticket numbers?

For the live drawing, we will reprint tickets purchased both online and offline, and on those tickets will be the name and contact information of the participants. The announcement will also be made online. We do not use number system to avoid confusion, given the multiple ways of acquiring the raffle tickets.

Will you ship the car to the winner?

No – the winner must either pick up the car in Gallup or arrange shipping.

Do I have to pay tax?

No – the winner will literally receive the raffled car for the ticket price: $25. The only exception is if the winner is out of country, in which case he may be responsible for any applicable import taxes and fees.

Do I need to be a U.S. resident to participate?

No – you can be anywhere to participate. However, as stated above, in the event that you are the winner, you are responsible for the fees that entail importing the car into your country.

When will the car be ready?

The car will be ready on the day of raffle, although in some cases we may still need to do some works on the car.

How are cars being rebuilt?

The V8s program is a community effort of active and retired professional mechanics and car enthusiasts who have generously agreed to donate their time and efforts toward the restoration.

About V8s

How did the V8s for Vocations begin?

Fr. Matthew Keller, at the time the vocations director for the Diocese, had the idea to merge his love of classic cars with the duties of overseeing the education of the Gallup seminarians. He calls the new program “V8s for Vocations”.

“The idea was, I’ve always liked cars. I learned how to work on them in high school – I learned how to do autobody for a year,” said Fr. Keller. “I restored my own car after high school and helped my brother-in-law paint several vehicles. So it’s always been an interest of mine, but something I thought I had to give up as a priest.”

Then one day, some parishioners provided Fr. Keller with inspiration.

“Some friends said, ‘you should get a car and get the seminarians to help you fix it up.’ I thought, ‘Wait a minute, that’s a great idea, but let’s use it for a fundraiser.’ And so right away I talked about it with some other friends, and a high school friend of mine said ‘You know what, I’ve got a car for you, I saw it in an ad in Bloomfield at a reasonable price.’”

The car in advertised in Bloomfield turned out to be a 1972 Chevelle Super Sport. A donor offered to buy the car, and so the first phase of the project was kickstarted. While it needs a lot of work, Fr. Keller enlisted the help of volunteers and seminarians to restore the Chevelle, which was raffled off in a very successful program.

Where do the funds from the car go?

Aside from the cost of operation, the parts and the build, all of the money raised from raffling the car will go toward funding the education of Diocesan seminarians.

Is this raffle legit? How can I trust this program?

V8s for Vocations has been recognized nationally. Hagerty has filmed an interview with Rev. Matthew Keller, and so has the Knights of ColumbusCatholic News AgencyAlbuquerque JournalCruxKRQE News, have all published articles on V8s for Vocations.

Donations of labor, materials, and services have been given by:

D & A body Shop, Gallup
New Image Powder coating, Farmington
Poor Boys Auto parts, Gallup
Molina heating and plumbing
Gallup Lumber, Gallup
R & R Glass, Gallup
Daniel Boucher – Body Tip over jig
David Smith- Rally wheels and rings
Ted Gonzales- wheel and coil spring restoration
Brandon Garcia – engine and differential rebuilding
Bob Morensik  -suspension and brakes
Ed Ortega – suspension and brakes
Jimmy Armenta – sheet metal welding

Cathedral Work crew:

Fr. Matthew Keller
Jerry Segovia
Ted Gonzales
Brandon Garcia
Wayne Peal

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